OO 10.70 - Purge Debugger Events Not Purging Entirely even though lastXDays = 0


OO 10.70

I noticed the my Purge Debugger Events, not clearing up my OO_DEBUGGER_EVENTS table entirely even though I set my lastXDays input param to 0... However, I get some results though like small amount of records deleted (e.g. 12, 2, 1)...
Here are my other settings: maxAmount = 100000 ; delayBetweenRequests = 15

Any advise? because I noticed my Database Consumption in Central keeps on increasing from time to time even though I scheduled my purge flows to run every 15 minutes for Execution and 30 minutes for Debugger...

Thanks in advance...




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  • Hi Don
    thanks for sharing this info.
    just run the 'purge execution summary' and within less a minute it finishes on error,
    by this reason 'The request could not be completed', which I could not find
    but right after the execution of your queries take place, should I run the flow?
    best wishes

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