OO 10.70 - Is it safe to Truncate OO_STEP_LOG_BINDINGS and OO_DEBUGGER_EVENTS table

OO 10.70 - I want to know if it safe to TRUNCATE these two tables OO_STEP_LOG_BINDINGS and OO_DEBUGGER_EVENTS because they consume a lot of tablespace... I am using Oracle DB.

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    As long as there are no running executions  it is safe to truncate oo_step_log_bindings and as long as there are no active remote debugs it is safe to do so with oo_debugger_events.

    That being said do note that by truncating oo_step_log_bindings you will lose ALL of the historical data regarding inputs and outputs of completed flows and as such the drilldown will not show any data for all executions. 

    My advice is that before you start deleting data left and right try to have support look at your environment. If there is a problem  it is easyer to identify before part of the data has been deleted.

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    The first link basically says the below:

    (OO) Support Tip: Purge scripts not cleaning all data

    In 10.x there are several types of data stored.  The purge scripts clean the execution data.

    To clean remote Debug data or audit data there are operation/flows.

     There are also flows to purge execution data but we do not recommend them over the purge scripts becuase they are multiple layers of abstraction and DB calls.  The purge scripts will be much more efficient

    This post focuses on Debug data from Remote debugging sessions.

    The action of Studio remote debug will create data in the OO_DEBUGGER_EVENTS table. A graphical ilustration is also available in the OO Central Database Health tab in later versions of OO 10.x. With multiple authors creating and debugging flows, this data will continue to grow unless purged periodically. To maintain the database and purge this data, OO recommends to run the flow: 
    /HPE Solutions [1.x.y]/Library/Integrations/Hewlett-Packard/Operations Orchestration/10.x/Database/Purge Debug Events

    However this flow is time consuming for large data.  If this has not been done on a regular basis one way to manage it is to run SQL commands to remove the data and then setup the flow to run in a scheduled manner in the future.

    SQL Command:


    The data in that table is not used after a debug run ends. So performing the above command is fast and safe. Make sure OO Central Service is stopped while interacting directly with the database.

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