Slow OO Studio 9.07 response when creating a flow


I noticed my OO studIo 9.07 response becomes slower as I progress on my flow creation, the bigger the flow the slower the response... is this normal? I mean to the point of typing values on step parameters takes seconds to appear character by character...

Is there anything I can do about this?

Thanks in advance...

OO Version is 9.07 build: 201410291512 patch: 9.07.0009


Central runs in RHEL 6.2

DB Oracle 11g on RHEL 6.2


Don :)

  • As the resources grow with the flow creation process and due to the fact that Studio also relies on the underlining JVM version and its garbage collection capabilities, it is normal to experience some slowness for bigger flows.


    We reccomend taking a look at the "Best Practices for Authors" document on the HPE LN portal, where you can find some best practices on how to effectively build your flows in order to avoid such situations (eg: splitting the logic into more subflows)

    Additioanlly, depending on your situation, we encourage you to try the latest OO 10.x Studio where we have performend some performance improvements to the Studio Authoring canvas and infrastructure.