scriptletResponse not available in Scriptlet

Greetings all

I had a flow that was migrated from OO 9.07 to 10.60. In the scriptlet tab of one of its sub-flows I had the following scriptlet

switch (scriptletResponse) {
case "success":
case "failure":
scriptletContext.put( "alert", "CRITICAL" );
scriptletContext.put( "message", "Automation Script failed on host ");
scriptletContext.put( "_finalStatus", "false");
scriptletContext.put( "failedStep", "GetClusterType");

this worked fine in OO9 however in OO 10 it seems like I cant access the scriptletResponse (success or failure) value in a scriptlet.

I am using the above to set a few variables based on the response of the subflow.

Any ideas on why this changed in version 10 

FYI I can in a scriptlet set the value of scriptletResponse but I just need to be able to get the actual response of the subflow when its done in the context of the scriptle.