What are the ports needs to open for HPOO and other HP Products (uCMDB/BSM/Sitescope/SM)

Hello Team,

   I am very new to this tool and I have installed HP OO 10.70 with Central,RAS and Studio on seperate server.  I have gone through the HP OO concept guide and they mentioned about the out of box content with managing operating system,db,app/web servers and network platform but they havent meniotned  ports need to be open for this. Integration with other hp products like BSM/Sitescope/SM and ucmdb what are ports needs to be one. I belive for BSM (80,443)is enough and for HPSM (13093 is enough) but what about sitescope and ucmdb?

Main concern we can HPOO to get the data from the application server and I know the source port that 8080 and 8443 and I dnt know the destination port details?


  • Hello,

       I am afraid that we cant list all possible ports because we have to many operations.

       Usually our operations are set to work with default ports for each target but is likely that all applications have the possibility to change the default port. So so its up to network admin to keep track of what ports use each target operation so they can be use in OO and be open for communicaiton.