Integrate Microfocus Operations Orchestration with SAP R/3


We would like to integrate Microfocus Operations Orchestration with SAP R/3 in order to create automation flows to do some actions.

What is the best option to integrate this products?

Maybe integration with the third-party Wizard and sapjco3, or using VuGen scripts? We would like to know which is the best way to do that.

  • Hello VGodoy,

                    As far as I know, the best way to integrate with SAP is by using the Content Packs available for that. If you take a look at the Market Place at the link below, you will find different Content Packs for SAP, I was able to find around 10 different content for different products. products&version=All versions&company=All companies&subcat=&sort=download_count

    I also know that there is SAP related premium content available for a fee.



  • I'm not a SAP guru by any stretch but I have written account provisioning against SAP BAPIs.  There is a for-purchase content pack from Micro Focus to allow you to develope workflows against SAP.  It includes a BAPI Wizard which does the same thing as the the WSDL, REST, and so on Wizards do for their respective functions.

    The SAP CP documentation is a little ... well ... lacking at times.  So fair warning.  The OO BAPI steps that you will use are all-or-nothing updates.    So you need to figure out what inputs the BAPI is expecting and include a field for each even if you aren't using it so the value is blank.  For example, these are the fields related to  BAPI_USER_CREATE:


    The data you push into that would look like this for create a user with First, Last, Company, City, Street Name, language, etc etc etc.

    ,,,${firstName},${lastName},,,,${firstName} ${lastName},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MyCompany,,,,,Some City,,,,,,,,,,,,,Street Name,,,1200,,,,,,,,,US,US,E,EN,PA,,,EST,,,111-111-1111,1111,,,${emailAddress},,,,,,,,,,,,,,,E,EN,,, 

    My approach because of time was figuring out the field positioins in a text editory and then putting in variable interpolations like above with.   Better approaches I'm sure people have come up with.  In short, read the BAPI documentation for the specific BAPIs you are going to use for inputs and understand them.  Make sure you know where they exist *positionally* as it matters.  Even if you aren't using a field, you have to account for it with a blank value like the CSV string above illustrates.

    And if you are doing Group Updates ... like say adding someone to a new group but staying within the group they are already in ??  You have to get the list of groups they are already in and *append* the new group to the list.   If you attempt to just add them to a single group, you will remove them from all other groups they were already members of except for the one you just added them to.


  • Hello,


                    We would like to create an Automation between SAP and Orchestration.


                    We have the sapjco files from the SAP Market and the Third-Party CP and the SAP BAPI CP from the Micro Focus Market.


                    We have already install de SAP BAPI Automation installer and import the SAP CP to Orchestrator, but we cannot create any operations, it seems that the sapjco is not successfully installed.


                    The installation was OK:


    Wizard tasks summary:


    2019-01-18 11:30:58,811 [INFO ] Deploy Java: success

    2019-01-18 11:30:58,812 [INFO ] Deploy SAP Content Pack: success

    2019-01-18 11:30:58,812 [INFO ] Deploy SAP Wizard: success

    2019-01-18 11:30:58,812 [INFO ] Copying provided connectors: success

    2019-01-18 11:30:58,812 [INFO ] Deploy SAP documentation: success

    2019-01-18 11:30:58,812 [INFO ] Install configuration utility: success Skipped

    2019-01-18 11:30:58,812 [INFO ] Configure uninstaller: success

    2019-01-18 11:31:00,632 [INFO ] exiting with code 0



                    The operations appears in Studio with a red line (marked as error), and there’s no way to invoke a BAPI or connect with the SAP.


                    ¿Has anyone invoke a BAPI from Orchestration successfully? ¿Which is the fail? Please help, I find no documentation about.


                    Kind regards,





  • Hi,

    You need to use a wizard/tool to import the connector in Central/Studio. 

    The wizard and documentation here should cover all steps: