Unable to update Base content pack.



I am trying to update base content pack from 1.0.121 to 1.1.2.. but I am getting an error. Attached the screenshot..


But I can able to update in studio..


HP OO version: 10.10





  • Hello Soundarajan,


    I am an Operations Orchestration support, regading your question I found the next information that could help you, please take a look:


    >This issue is caused by the CP corrupted with UUID'S duplicates of the Base CP.

    >This issue is resolved replacing the corrupted CP with a CP empty, you need to remove the corrupted and now you can upload CP to the Central.

    >You should attach the empty content pack (CP empty) and remember that you will need to change the extension back to .jar


    I hope this information help you, if not don't hesistate to let me know and I will continue with my researches.

    Best Regards,

    Sussan Zamora



  • Hi Susaan,


    Thanks for your reply..


    I tried the same thing but now I am getting an different error..


    Attached the screenshot..





  • Hello Soundarajan,

    Thanks for your quick response.


    Regarding your case Could you please check the next steps:


    > Create an empty Cp, so should to have the same name of the cp (that you have in central currently) with the exact same directory structure, but no operations/flows.

    > After it is deployed, you will see the cp with the same name but no flow inside then deploy the real cp again.




    If you have Base cp 1.1.2.jar and I need  upgrade to Base cp 1.1.127.jar  
    You should deploy first an empty CP 1.1.2 .jar and then the new cp, 1.1.127.jar


    I hope this information help you, if doesn't don't hesitate let me know and I will continue with the researches.


    Kind Regards,

    Sussan Zamora



  • Hello,

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    Thank you
    Sussan Zamora