Read a date, read from file, compare


I have a csv file with a date and username in each row.

My goal is to create a flow which will read the file, compare the date, and only process rows with the current date (today).

Basically, I have a tool which writes to the file user's last day in the office. I have an OO flow to disable user's AD account which runs on a schedule every night but processes all users from the file. 

If the flow can read only today's file, it would allow us to add accounts in advance.


  • It can be achieved

    You can read a file line by line

    Split the username and date based on the "," delimiter and have two results on the read file step (username) and (date)

    Grab the date and compare it with today's date

    If it matches today you add a list appender thus create a list with those users that match today.

    If it does not match today, do not go to the list appender but return to the line read.


    PS: If you do not read line by line, you can add an extra list iterator with a delimiter on \n\r.

    If you are doing this in cloudslang you could use some really cool python expressions that should give the end result. in cloudslang the read from file reads the entire file thus you'll end up addin a string comparator in a loop.