How to show a text box instead a single line when prompting the user to enter a list of values?

We need to enter text in different lines, and the flow would iterate among those lines. Each line is a set of values separated by a pipe. Something like this:


When starting the flow, the input box is single line. Although we can concatenate all those lines into a single one, it's not very comfortable to do so. 

Alternatively, we'd like to upload a text or csv file when executing the flow. 


Any ideas?

  • Text box is not available however textbox will give you the ability to select one or multiple

    So thinking that you wouldl ike to achieve that I suggest to make sure your oo input is define as "List of Variables". Once you do that, in Central you will have a Text box field where you can select one or multiple lines with CTRL Click.

    Let me know if this solves your problem,