(OO) Support Tip: Many errors in server.log: DOS Commander_LPAR.CICS.P105.CPU




Current issue:

There are many error information been found in server.log.

One of them is about DOS Commander_LPAR.CICS.P105.CPU, but running is normal by manually.

And this job is not in any scheduler, also there are many jobs in the same library, just this one have error.


Troubleshooting done:

1.Confirmed with customer that the issue still occuring, even after 3 weeks, there's still this errors showing in server.log.

2.Customer already restarted central, but this issue still occurs.

Had some internal advice:

Info about OO flow schedule is stored in OO_FLOW_SCHEDULERS table and quartz data about the flow schedule is stored OO_TRIGGERS and OO_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS or OO_CRON_TRIGGRES tables.

If a problematic schedule name is 'DOS Commander_LPAR.CICS.P105.CPU', you should be able to find its quartz data(actually TRIGGER_NAME) by 'SELECT TRIGGER_NAME FROM OO_TRIGGERS WHERE DESCRIPTION = 'DOS Commander_LPAR.CICS.P105.CPU' and TRIGGER_NAME not like '%Trigger%';' Then, if the schedule is really unnecessary for the customer, they could delete a record from OO_TRIGGERS with the result TRIGGER_NAME value and a record from OO_SIMPLE_TRIGGERS or OO_CRON_TRIGGRES tables with the TRIGGER_NAME value.

And also a record from OO_FLOW_SCHEDULERS with the TRIGGER_NAME value if exists.


So asked customer to run the below 2 sqls:


where f.TRIGGER_NAME=t.TRIGGER_NAME and t.Description='DOS Commander_LPAR.CICS.P105.CPU';

And the above 2 sqls has result.

There're 3 ways to resolve it:

1.To see whether the 'Scheduler' tab in the Central UI shows the flow schedule with "DOS Commander_LPAR.CICS.P105.CPU" in its schedule name.

If the tab shows the flow schedule, simply remove it from the tab(UI).

---Customer replied no such one in Scheduler tab, so this way not works.

2.Try to call 'Get Flow-Schedules' REST API from any REST client(curl/wget/web browser with some REST client extension...etc) to see if info about the flow schedule is returned from Central or not. If returned, you will get 1446627759704(its TRIGGER_NAME in the tables) as an ID of the flow schedule

Then, try to call 'Delete Flow-Schedule' REST API using the ID of the flow schedule(again, it is actually the value of TRIGGER_NAME). After then, check values from the tables again and see if the same error message keeps being written in server.log.

---Customer replied no such flow scheduer returned too, so this way not works too.

3.Manaully delete the OO_TRIGGERS and OO_FLOW_SCHEDULES entries. This one should work, but customer can't get approval to modify database, so not tried.

So if the 1st way and 2nd way not working, the 3rd one is the only way we can think out to resolve such issue.

Hope the above helps.