Oracle DB: Can we move LOB column to a seperate tablespace

Hi, all

The OO 10.80 is running on Oracle 11g.

The DBA would like to move the LOB columns in OO tables to a seprate tablespace.

I know from the OO application point view this change should be transparent. But I do not know if those features are compatible after the LOB columns are moved :

1. OO_DB_Maintenance package

2. Future patches/hotfixes which includes database modifications.

In general, is this supported for OO Oracle database?



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    I found the answer to this question.

    In case someone search for it, here it is:

    This is a DBA decision and we have never documented one way or another on this topic. Oracle supports such a configuration, all the LOBs from OO database are defined explicitly in datatypes that are eligible for such a treatment and lastly there is nothing in OO code or table definition that would conflict with such a configuration.

    During installation of the OO product we ask for a single tablespace to store the OO database (tables and lobs) in order to simplify the install process. After the install is complete if they feel the need to separate the LOBs from the tables it is their choice.