With OO Virtualization Content Pack (AFL) 2.1.3, i need to update DPM Config about a cluster. But, in available operation, i can't see any element about modification of these elements. I can access to these elements with Advanced Search anyway. Do you



I show the list of available operations in Studio. It's possible to create or delete some info about DRS, but not modify (the DRS section is in the same way of DPM).

It seems ut's not possible to modify them.

If not, is it possible to tell me how i could modify these DPM Config ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Michaël Ignatio

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    Hi Michael,

    I do not see what you are looking for can be done by using the existing operations. Please open a technical ticket and support to get a clarification from R&D.

    Thank you.

    Sam Liu  

    Customer care engineer