Issue while executing the Operation Orchestration Flow


We have worked onHP Operation Orchestration Flows and save them in svn reposiotry. Now we have migrated those flows to the git post migration we are seeing issue with the execution of one of the flow. When we try to execute it we are getting compilation error and seeing following error in the log.

Could some one help us in fixing it


2017-12-06 10:05:30,500 ERROR FlowCompilerDataProvider.getItemData:49 Could not find the UUIDInfo for uuid item: 63f1db04-d1a3-42bf-94ed-05ea7d590a03
2017-12-06 10:05:30,508 ERROR FlowCompilerDataProvider.getItemData:57 failed to resolve ItemData for uuid: 63f1db04-d1a3-42bf-94ed-05ea7d590a03 , content found was:null, type found was: UNKNOWN
2017-12-06 10:05:30,508 ERROR FlowCompilerDataProvider.resolveItemType:99 Could resolve the type of xml of type:UNKNOWN
2017-12-06 10:05:30,509 ERROR FlowCompiler.compileFlow:274 Compile failed for flow C:\Users\kesipeda\.oo\data\content-packs\Vantage []\Content\Library\ADP\Vantage\Vantage_Engineering\Benefits\BL_Benefits_Action.xml because : L_C5D4.tmp.PNG