(OO) Support Tips: How the worker polling mechanism works

Each worker will hold a file called engine-webapp-xx.yy.jar, this file determines how often a worker will poll task from Central.


                    inBufferCapacity = "500"

                    numberOfExecutionThreads = "20"

                    maxDeltaBetweenDrains = "100"


The following configuration will work the following way:

Every 100 ms, it will retrieve up to  500 tasks and spread them across 20 threads.




  • What exactly is the relationship between inBufferCapacity and the numberOfExecutionThreads?  In this example, it was 500 buffer to 20 threads.  If I had 200 execution threads, should I be configuring inBufferCapacity to 5000 so there is sufficient buffer?
    Is there a calculation that I could use to ensure I wasn't starving my 200 threads of tasks?

    And BTW, what exactly constitutes a "task" in the context of flow runs?