SSH Shell Operation - how should I define the command?

Hi everybody,

I am dealing with "SSH Shell" Operation trying to figure out how could I use it in a flow for my purposes...

I am not sure I understood how the "command" input should be specified.

From the description of the operation I read:

command - The commands to execute. This should be made up of 'send <command>' and 'expect <regular expression>' statements separated by newlines.

But from a flow of example (available within the installation) SSH Shell Session Sharing Example I am not able to understand how the "expect" part of the command are used.

For example, I see that in the example flow, the first occurence of the SSH Shell step has the following command (in 3 lines):

expect (.*\s*)*?
send export HPOO=yes
expect (.*\s*) [\$#]$


Why does it start with an expect??

and what should be supposed to match the 1st regex (.*\s*)*? ... ??


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance




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