How to count number of Workflows and SubFlows

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I'm an HPOO newbie and I've been asked to provide a count of all the workflows and subflows we have running in production.   Othere than painfully counting these manully from Content_Management --> Flow Library , is there an easier way to do this?    We are planning to upgrade from 10.51 to 10.70.

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    If you want to know how many flows are running in your central for a specific period of time there is a community content pack on the ITOM marketplace that will give you this statistic. If you want to know just how many flows are deployed to central then for out of the box flows there was a document that provided an exact count and details about what flows and operations are delivered out of the box.

    Regarding the point about flows and subflows keep in mind that a subflow represents a step of a flow that is in itself a flow, not an operation. As such it would be quite difficult and could lead to having missleading results if you want to know how many subflows there are.

    Stictly speaking counting flows from central is not an ideal situation considering that the flow library can beentitled in such a way as to not let all the users see all the flows.



  • Thank you Vlad, It makes a lot of sense. Great point about user perms for viewing stuff on central. I will look into the community content pack on the ITOM marketplace. Have an awesome week1 :- ) Oscar