Idea ID: 1679656

Ability to use clouslang's flows in OO studio's flows

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Description :

It's already possible to use OO studio's content in cloudslang's flow as "black box steps" . We'd like to be able to use cloudslang's content as "black box steps" in OO studio too.


We are organized into several development teams that share generic flows with each other (interface with the configuration management tools, IS repositories, ...)
The existing content is very rich. Each team that shares generic content maintains it and ensures that each version is backwards compatible with the previous one.

Some developers appreciate the current studio and will not want to change.

But others would like to go to cloudlang especially for its "as code" mode and for python which also attracts new developers familiar with Ansible. They will then be able to use the existing OO content without any problem. However, their new developments can not be shared with all our developpement community.

Being able to use Cloudslang content in OO studio would give each developer free choice to create new content in the technology they choose while keeping the possibility to share it with our entire development community.

It is an essential prerequisite for us, in order to start using cloudslang and web designer, otherwise we will lose this ability to massively share our developments between teams. And cloudslang is a real opportunity to make our internal OO community growth.


  • The idea is not being considered for product development due to strategic fit or technical feasibility within a reasonable timeframe. Keep the new ideas coming.

  • Yes, I agree!  That would be very beneficial to be able to bring that content in Studio.  As mentioned above, there are many different styles of authoring flows and it would be great to accommodate all in both tools.  I feel this would elevate the amount of content available as well as the skill sets of authors.