Idea ID: 2871426

Accessibility for domain account users to run scheduled flows.

Status : Needs Clarification

Whenever a domain user schedules a flow to run, the flow always pauses asking for the user's password, but of course since it is running unattended and there is no one there to enter the requested password; the flow run just pauses waiting for the input until it eventually times out.

OO as an orchestration application should be able to have this functionality, as to somehow save the user's credentials and used them when required as other applications do.


OO - Platform
  • , the behavior you are describing can be achieved by using system properties, in which you can store the user and password of the user that needs to execute a specific workflow. Another option is to expose the credentials as inputs for the workflow and have them defined when you create the schedule. This way, the user creating the schedule must enter their credentials which will be used during the execution of the workflow.

    As you can see, this requirement can already be achieved as mentioned above. Please clarify if you need something else or if the current implementation is missing some functionality.