Idea ID: 1629632

Add Ability to Export A Content Pack from Central

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

Briefly describe your idea -
A Content Pack deployed to an OO Central should be exportable to file

Why is this important, when it would it be used -
For manual system replication OO sys admins would benefit from going to one Central and exporting a particular Content Pack to a file based .jar file

If you were designing the solution, how would you do it? -
A user with Manage Content Packs would have the ability within the OO Central Content Packs page to download a selected content pack to filesystem.

  • Do you plan to implement the function not only in HCM but also in OO?

  • This feature is available as part of HCM Suite 2018.02 released recently.

  • in theory a good development process (artifact store/SVN) should not requier the export of CPs ... but i have seen the same situation that "someone" created a Package in devel then left the Company and no one had the source anymore. so its not the highest Business value... but handy. so when possible to be implemented with low effort good to have. but not in favour of functions with higher Business value

  • This would be very beneficial.  I have had to step into an OO environment that was not setup by me, and without any access to the OO Studio Workspace projects, or the Content Pack .jar files it was not possible for me to migrate any of the published content from an existing OO server to the new environment that was being built.  I spent more than 2 solid months of work to rebuild a project only using OO Central as a reference only.