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Add more info to Central run reports (CP, CP version, etc.)

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

As an operator within our organization, we're tasked with working with quite large collections of flows and thus even more flow runs. At the rate with which our development team is updating content packs, it is often a question to which version of a flow a certain flowrun belongs. And it is getting even more complicated when flows migrate from one content pack to another.

Therefore we would like to suggest adding certain data to the run reports, such as content pack name and version. Or, if this data is already stored, to expose it to the user via the run report UI (attachment).

This would greatly ease our troubleshooting and time spent digging through flow revisions in Studio, to find the matching version.


  • i agree, content pack name and version  are very important.

  • Hi . At the time of writing those two options are really the only ones we can think of right now, which would add immediate value to the run reports in order to help our day to day operations.

    Perhaps an option could be to also list content pack dependencies (and their version numbers) for the content pack/run report in question, but I am doubtful whether the necessary extra data which needs to be logged weighs up against the time spent having to load up the (old) content pack yourself in Studio.

  • Besides content pack name and version what other values do you consider relevant to be displayed in the run report view?

    Moving the idea to Waiting for Votes to get community support.