Idea ID: 1682033

Add options to Central /executions API to get PENDING executions

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Hello team,

It would be great to add more possible values to "status" attribute of /executions REST API call:


None of current possible status values (i.e. described on allows to get PENDING executions.

As soon as a flow has a long-running step (say 30-minute SSH operation or 10-minute sleep) and user hits Cancel or Pause in Central UI, then such a flow gets missing in API calls with status filter = RUNNING or PAUSED untill it really gets paused.

Only workaround now is to query all executions an look in big paged JSONs for executions with PENDING... status. If OO has a lot of runs in different states, then querying all executions will require to request multiple pages, so more effort in implementation.