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Add support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019

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10 months ago

We are forced to move to MSSQL 2019 - I would like to see this platform beeing supported.

  • Thank you for submitting and voting on this idea!

    We have good news! Support for Microsoft SQL 2019 was added for OO and RPA 2021.02 releases:

  • hiho,

    for Central all seems ok - we are running 2020.02 until now with MSSQL 2019.

    For Workflow Designer it seems bad, as you will not be able to install it if you are not going to manipulate all internal database creation files.
    This of course is nothing you should do, but even if you try it will consume a lot of time and your database wont look like it should be and Workflow Designer will even fail to start.
    So after days of analysis and even a support cases we droped our plan to run Workflow Designer for now.

    For Self Service Portal you will also need to manipulate the internal database creation files, but here its only one single hack to get it running.

    All problems are related to a "NVARCHAR / VARCHAR" issue. The internal classes and libraries from Workflow Designer and Self Service Portal (also 3rd party open source tools) are not able to detect MSSQL 2019 and so using some very old definition for MSSQL as failover.
    Even if its written in the documentation

    [...]If the installer is used in order to create a new SQL Server database, selecting your language in the language selection page sets the correct collation for the new database. Using one of the above collations enables using the varchar datatype for textual columns instead of the nvarchar data type. Using the varchar data type is more efficient and reduces overall database size.[...]

    it will use NVARCHAR to create the tables but trying to validate them as VARCHAR

    [...]Caused by: org.hibernate.tool.schema.spi.SchemaManagementException: Schema-validation: wrong column type encountered in column [BRANCH_ID] in table [OO_EXECUTION_STATE]; found [nvarchar (Types#NVARCHAR)], but expecting [varchar(255) (Types#VARCHAR)][...]

    Greetz Small

  • Our database team is also looking at upgrading from 2016 to 2019 in the next few months.  We would like to see this supported as well.  SmallOne have you experienced any issues since your migration that might serve as a heads up for those looking at this?