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Add support to read emails from Office365

Status : Delivered
over 3 years ago

We would like to be able to read the content of emails with OO from Office365. Currently the business applications content pack from the ITOM Marketplace has the option to read emails with OO from Exchange up to Exchange 2016. There is already a Office365 content pack, but it doesnt have any operations to read emails. Some example use cases:

Case 1: Automatic handling of IoC’s

A department has to handle multiple IoC’s (Indicators of compromise) and input these in a software system. These IoC’s are distributed between multiple companies to help prevent attacks. These IoC’s are distributed via e-mail since there is no ‘shared application’ through which the IoC’s could be distributed. We need to be able to read the content of these e-mails in order to automate the process of uploading these IoC’s into the software. 

Case 2: compare content

One of the tasks of a department is to compare certain queries (one of the queries will be send through an incident, the other one through e-mail). At this point the manually compare the queries. We can partially automate this, but a lot of work will still remain. In order to  fully automate this task, we need to be able to read the content of an e-mail.

  • Hello,

    The functionality was delivered here:

    As always, don' t hesitate to let us know your feedback and your ideas 

    Thank you,

    Lucian Revnic 

  • Hi Lucian Revnic,

    I think it is best to look into wat the current operations for Exchange 2013/2016 can do from the Business Applications content pack. Basically we would like the same function\Operations but then for Office 365. So being able to iterate through a target mailbox and folder and able to filter on subject, title, content and extract the content of that message. The list of operations would then be:

    - Get Email List
    - Get Next Email
    - Move Object
    - Read Attachment
    - Read Email
    - Reply Mail

    The way this currently works for Exchange 2013/2016 is that you specify the exchange host, the folder in the mailbox to iterate through the emails and the filters for subject and/or body to get the email you want. The output is the body of the email.

  • Hello,

    Can you specify the list of Office 365 operations you need for your use cases? Is it just read email?

    If yes, how would you provide which emails to read and what are your next steps after reading the emails?

    Thank you,

    Lucian Revnic

    Product Owner - ITOM Content

  • I'm facing same limitation. Much better if solved with Java operations, Content Pack Office 365 just enable to import/load PowerShell cmdlets. PowerShell are .Net operations, which requieres a Windows RAS.

    An alternative will be to use IMAP operations, which can be used with Office 365, GMail or with any other IMAP server. Many automation uses cases around mail can be solved with IMAP operations (list mails in folder, read mail, move mail between folders) but not with POP3. With operations currently available on Base Content Pack, mails can be listed (Get Mail Message Count) and read (Get Mail Message, Get Mail Attachment) from a IMAP folder, but not 'moved' (depending on imap server capabilities is just move or copy and delete) from one folder to other.