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ALL Flow Inputs should be exposed in report same as 9.x

Status : Already Offered
over 2 years ago

Currently in 9.x when you open the Advanced Flow report the very first line is the name of the flow and ALL the inputs that were passed to the flow as shown below.

That is not available in the new versions but is a very important piece of information when troubleshooting various integrations and issues.  We need to know if the inputs made it to OO and there is no way of doing that now.

Please make this a priority in the enhancements as we are finding it very difficult to troubleshoot in the new version PRODUCTION environment without this information.

Please let me know if any questions related to need we are requesting.  Again this is very important to troubleshooting and would appreciate a high prioritization. 

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  • Hi Andrei,

    Thank you for that tidbit of information.  I guess that little arrow has just gone unnoticed.

    If the info is there it should not be hard to add it to the Table view as the very first step correct?  To have it all in one place where you could easily Copy/Paste it to share with customer would make it so much easier.


  • unless I am missing something, the requested item is already offered both in the API and in the Central UI

    check the execution-log API call - described here too: 

    select any flow in the run Explorer and expand its header.


  • select * from OO_EXECUTION_BOUND_INPUTS where EXECUTION_ID = ?

  • Yes, exactly... the "Bound Inputs" I want that in the actual report view even if it is only under the tree view so I do not have to export to see that information everytime.

    It would be great to have that Bound Inputs added as the very first entry in the the table view like it was in 9.x.

    Also they didn't like us to query the actual DB being used, has that changed now?  I would love the query to show the inputs.

  • I do not see them when exporting to CSV but I do see flow inputs at the top of the text report - I also see them in the expanded drop-down in run explorer (down arrow in the middle of the grey header bar) in both tree and table view.

    Can you verify that you're exporting to text or to CSV?

    If in the meantime, while you wait for MicroFocus support, you want a SQL query to obtain the run inputs let me know.