Idea ID: 1661407

Allow developers to add "Resources" (binaries) into CPs

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago


If OO develersIt would be very useful to be able to be able to include binaries inside of content packs.  For instance, icons that can be used for flows (it still bothers me that custom flow icons don't persist across machines) or images or other binary data that the flows can reference directly without calling out to the filesystem.


The primary benefit is to make the deployment of flows easier for those systems that have multiple RAS servers.  Being able to upload the binary data into the CP (and having it unpacked into known locations on the RAS) and being able to reference that data using a standard URI  like ${RESOURCE:/Folder_Name/Resource_Name}


I've had several use cases where this functionality would have been useful.  For example:

  • Embed standard images in the CP that can be reused in flows
  • Embed Icons that can be embedded in flows (and used in designer)
  • Embed utilities like b64encode.exe in the CP for ease of deployment to RAS servers