Idea ID: 2698798

Central Login Page Modification

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

We used to be able to modify the OO Central Login Page to display the environment and server name, now apparently this is all the sudden "unsupported".  We have been doing this for probably 6+ years and now we are not able to.  This was very important especially in the PROD environment where we have multiple server clusters, we were able to know what server we were logging into in order to help us troubleshoot any issues.  Now with the generic login page we are not able to know what server we are logging into.

Please allow the modification of the login page again to help us identify servers and environments!

If we use the banner that is still only per cluster, will show that same exact thing for every individual server.  Will not allow to specify the individual server name.

I have included an older example of what we were able to do.  It was so helpful!  I was really disappointed to not be able to do it with the upgrade of 2019.07.  It was working even in 2018.09!

Please bring that capability back! 

  • This capability was never officially supported and it's not matching with our vision and road-map. We need to decline this idea.

    Also, with the introduction of the IDM component, further changes/customization can be made on the login screens here, but if a single IDM instance is configured for multiple Central servers it will not make sense to specify here on what server you will log into.