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Deleting a branch directly from OO studio Git

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Already Offered
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over 3 years ago


As a developer of OO flows, i would like to use OO studio for all my code operations.

Today i use Create, Checkout, Merge and rebase actions. To make the abilities complete, i would like to have a delete action too.

This way, i can work with git completely from within the studio UI.



OO - Platform
  • This feature is already available in the new Workflow Designer. We don't have plans to further enhance the functionality in OO Studio.

  • Hi Chandu,

    Of course your request makes sense. I would add that if implemented you should be able to delete both the local branches and the remote branches.

    In general I would say that the remove branches are subject to an automatic cleaning procedure that should be configured/used outside of our product.

    Considering  that we are talking about local branches too, while having in mind that even those could be remove directly from git bash - I would say let's open your idea for voting and see if others bumped into such need.

    hope it helps,