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Enable option in Run Management to alter or remove exection

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Briefly describe your idea
There are currently options in Run Management to Pause, Resume, Cancel, and Reassign a flow execution. I would like to see an option to remove, or force a change in the status of the flow execution.


Why is this important, when it would it be used
Though it is possible to cancel an active flow execution that action can only be issued once, and the status is changed to Pending Cancel.  There are times when that pending action does not complete and the flow execution timer continues to count. Currently there is no way to force that execution to stop, or change it's status once a cancel order has been given.
Also for cleanliness it would be nice to be able to remove an execution from the Run Management history for flows that are executed repetatively for testing or for debug purposes, but do not need to remain taking space in the database when testing or debug is complete.


If you were designing the solution, how would  you do it?
Provide additional options inline with the current Pause, Resume, Cancel, and ReAssign actions to force stop a flow, and to remove an execution from Run Management.

  • Considering the idea didn't received community support and there are workarounds to handle problematic flows by using the purging methods we are declining this idea for now.

    The purging scripts are available on the ITOM Marketplace:

  • Good ER - we're having Zombi-Flows in our OO Development environment from time to time, which needs some Database Action to remove them.

    A 'force' command to stop such flows would be very good.

    Thinking forward to productive environment: If I have a Flow which is going wild and is going to harm your environment, it would be great to have an Emergency Stop button. (would of course only stop the OO Flow and not a complete Automation Case, like one which uses OO, SA and something else for instance. Other parts have still to be stopped seperately)