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Feature for locking the flow while editing is not available

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over 1 year ago

Linked with SD Ticket: SD02299328


There is no option to lock a flow in web studio .Due to which even an un itended user can open a flow developed by other user edit it and also commit it.Presence of lock operator would ensure security for the flow by not allowing other users to commit the flow.

This lock option is available in HPOO 10.80 version.As we are planning to use web studio , we are worried about how to lock flows and restrict other users in commiting his chnages to flow


while trying to lock a flow.



Other devloper can make chnages to the flows developed by someother developer and commit the changes which would destroy all the work done by earlier developer

Having a lock option to enforce more security on flow developed by a particular user.

  • I am changing the status to Waiting for Votes to get feedback from the community, but please read the previous post.

  •  , since the flows developed in the Workflow Designer are in CloudSlang and YAML based, anyone with access to text editor and to the source code can edit them.

    I believe the best approach here is to have a Git repository that you can manage and assign the appropriate access to the users that need to work with it. This should be handled outside the authoring tool. What do you think of this approach?