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Flags/Symbols hinting at the kind of input/system property/variable something is

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Hello all OO-Authors,
wouldn't you like to have a graphical hint within OO-Studio to easily see, what you reference?

Take the Step-Inspector's Input tab:
- we can see wether the value of the colum "Type" is "Single Value" or "List of Values"
- but for the column "Assign From" we can only see a name - say "x" - but not the name space:
  is it the flow variable "x" or the system property "x" of the flow input "x" or the step input "x", etc?
  System Properties can be stored within Folders, so if the name contains a slash it must be one,
  but we do not have that kind of a hint for the others
- Same for the column "Assign To"

Can we have symbols for all these different origins/name spaces, please?


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