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Flow Input Change is not updated in all flows using a sub-flow

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over 1 year ago

Brief Description:
Flow Input Change is not updated in all flows using a sub-flow
Benefits / Value:

Imagine you have "main flow" composed of other subflows as in below example:

Subflow 1 (you update inputs here...)

Main flow
Subflow 1 (inputs are not updated here...)
Subflow 2

If you change "Subflow 1" inputs, this change is not reflected in all other flows which use this "Subflow 1". In this case "Main flow's" subflow "Subflow 1" has still old inputs.

When you have more levels of flows and subflows it causes significant effort on developer side.

Basically you need to rework all the upper level flows.

Remove "Subflow 1" and put it back again.
Now while we probably can add some additional logic to the flow to do it on the fly, this will create a lot of overhead and complexity for the flow developer.

Design details:
Some sort of context Button, which would update the inputs of the flows that are using this sub-flow.Or if that's not possible, probably a statement why its not technically feasible would suffice.

  •  , the behavior was changed from the start in OO Worflow Designer and it covers this aspect as well. Anytime you will create a new required input in Subflow 1, from your example, if you don't assign a default value, your Main flow will become invalid until you assign a value to the new input. If you assigned a default value you don't need to do anything, unless you would like to replace the default value that is passed from the Master flow. 

  • Something I can't check right now but what I'm curious for: has this behaviour changed in OO Designer / CloudSlang?