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Get base job result error message

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over 2 years ago


I use "Get base job result" operation to get overall SA job status. It return back JSON formatted output to me. I see it have more detials, but it miss the main Error Message. Example: Suppose a server failed on Remediation Patch due to Agent timeout. The "Get base job result"  only gives overall status as "Error". We need the exact same error message what we see on SA Gui. So we could report the same to the requestor. Compare below image (SA Job details) and txt (OO JSON result).mfScreen1.JPG


I have raised a case with Microfocus, there response below.

R&D has informed that the all operations have not that feature about show the “Failure Message”. In this case we consider that this could be candidate for an Enhancement Request and, for that we encourage that you please add your idea here:

Hence I am  raising this Enhancement Request.