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Git: Hightlight changes during rebase and merge operations in OO-studio.

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago


Our team encounter some problems during the code revisions. Even if we have ways to check changes through the Git CLI, OO Studio should  provide a embedded way to check changes.

The way I see it, is only a change of background-color in the fields changed, and in the steps designs, nothing too different from the actual display. (cf. the example images)


The example:

In the first image you can see the modified flow "test-me" the most simple case with a modified operation (the yellow one), a added operation, and a deleted operation.

In this flow the user has change the result step from, success to failure. But it also changed the first step, the "do nothing".


Here is the display of the changes, made by the user:


He modified the input "field2", added "field3" and deleted "field4".

NB: the images has been manually edited, so the actual display is quite ugly and undoable with precision in any normal way. This is only a example.



  • Environment: OO-Studio Client
  • OS : Windows - JVM (openjdk version "1.8.0_192")
  • Product version : 2019.05
  • DB : none


  • :

     Hi Florin,

    Yes we have considered it, but for our next generation of developments, until then we need to use the OO Studio tool because CloudSlang does not support all standard OO operations.

    Best Regards.

  •  , have you considered using CloudSlang and the OO Workflow Designer. It also has a Git SCM integration and since CloudSlang is a language and code based, having code reviews becomes a much more straight forward task, by using the tools already provided by Github and other Git services.

    Functionalities for enhancing the code review process will be available in the future releases of the Workflow Designer.

    Changing status to Waiting for Votes.

  • A further evolution could be the integration of the "git blame" command's informations but it's a way more complicated work to do.