Idea ID: 2818094

Hide scenarios with no execution permission in Self-Service X portal

Status : Declined
9 months ago

We have deployed OO 2020.02 and the Self-Service X portal.

You can grant permission to scenarios without having the execute permission to the flow itself. In this case I would like to have this scenarios hidden in SSX for the user. Right now you can fill all needed inputs but will than receive an error that you lack permissions.

  •  , thank you for posting this idea.

    We should make sure that linking the view and execution permissions are always set by the system administrator in a way that makes sense. If the view permission is granted, this means that the user should be able to view the scenario. Generally, if a user has permissions to view something, it should also have the permission to run it, unless there is a good reason not to allow it. Maybe, what we should do is to disable the "Submit" button for the users that don't have the run permissions.

    The current behavior is by design and was built for flexibility. For the moment, there are no plans to change it.