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How can we have" Use Empty Values for Prompts" (which is available in Scheduler ) in Flow Launcher?

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over 3 years ago

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We understand that there is an option "Use Empty Values for Prompts" in OO Central Scheduler.

However when we run the OO Flow from Central- Flow Launcher and Studio debugger. The prompts keeps appearing and the flow is paused.

How can we set Empty Values for Prompts when we run from Flow Launcher and Studio debugger?
We cannot be expecting the user to keep clicking next when they run flow manually.

Why is this important, when it would it be used

In OO Studio, we can set the variables to “Use Constant” (with blank/empty value) instead of “Prompt User” for Operations and Subflows Input Variables. By doing this, it will not prompt even with blank/empty values when it runs through the operations/subflows step by step, as explained in your email below.


But for flows with a lot of operations or using those flows that were pull in from other CPs and/or OOTB CPs, we are unable to change this unless we pull into our custom project and change all the operations and subflows input to “Use Constant”. This will be a massive effort spent and looking at it is not a viable method.

If you were designing the solution, how would  you do it?

There should be an option which has same functionality in Central UI  Central- Flow Launcher and Studio debugger like we have “Use empty value for prompts” in the Scheduler.