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how to send OO audit.log to splunk for central monitor.

Status : Needs Clarification
Needs Clarification
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6 months ago


As per product certification process, we need to send audit.log to Splunk for central monitor.  we do not see any option to do that. we can't use your product without passing our certification process. Please advice.

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Sandip Ghosh



  •  , Idea Exchange enables you to submit product enhancements or features that you believe would benefit you and other customers.

    Can you please clarify what feature is missing or you would like to have it implemented?

    If you need to pass to Splunk or any other 3rd party application a file, please search what APIs they provide for this purpose. You could leverage the out of the box content for Operation Orchestration available on the marketplace to assist you in developing a workflow that automates this process: 

    Maybe a simple use of the HTTP client operations from the CloudSlang Base Content Pack could be enough to accomplish this.

    You can get support and votes for your idea if is clearly formulated, thus improving the chances of being considered for implementation.

    If instead you have a problem with the product, you should open a ticket and follow-up with the support team.