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Improve oo Docker content

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over 1 year ago

There is an oo CP to interact with docker but it's  very limitated (create container does not allow cmd + args), multiple functions implemented with ssh and not with API call,...)

It could be very helpful for us to enhance docker support in OO content.



  • Hello Lucian,

    In my use case, i need to pull an image, create and start a container that execute a task, wait until that task ends ( so the container stop), get the logs, remove the container, remove the image.

    Pulling an image, waiting until a container stop, and creating and starting a container with a complex command are not implemented in the current CP. Removing an image is implemented with ssh command and we don't have ssh access to docker servers.

    With this scenario, i can use docker servers as extended remote executors with all the possibilities offered by the use of docker image

  • Thank you  thisamu for submitting this idea.

    In addition to APIs and cmd+args is it possible to specify the exact use cases/capabilities you need in this content?

    Thank you,

    Lucian Revnic