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Improve support for AWS Security Token in AWS integration (OO Cloud CP)

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over 2 years ago

For our AWS automation, we're now acquiring temporary credentials with SAML (ADFS). To be very clear, acquiring these credentials is not the subject of this case.

These credentials contain an Access Key, Secret Key, and Session Token. These inputs are commonly called in OO flows, respectively, "accessKeyId", "accessKey", "securityToken".

In the most recent Cloud content pack (2.6.2) and previous versions, very few of the built-in operations accept the securityToken. In fact, the only ones I find are within the EC2 folder.

Because of this, I'm finding I'll have to "reinvent the wheel" for many of the operations we currently use, with the new credentials that include securityToken (Session Token). With significant experience in PowerShell, I will be writing copies of many built-in operations in PowerShell.

Please update all AWS operations in the Cloud content pack to accept securityToken.