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Introduce CS global variable (per run)

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

It would be great if it were possible to have a global variable (in CloudSlang) that would be global per whole the run and unique per each run (if multiple runs are being executed simultaneously).

IMHO it should be possible to implement, as there is list_iterator operation, that already contains a global state.

From 2020.08 on, there has been introduced run_id variable; this can be used to save/read global context to/from a temp file (e.g. into %TEMP_FOLDER%/OO/context_of_run_%run_id%.json file); unfortunately, this would only work on a single worker; if there were multiple of them, that wouldn't work.

The best would be if the global variable was a context (map) with get, put, delete operations so anyone could add as many global variables as possible.


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