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make tests in OO Studio easier and faster

Status : Declined
8 months ago

Hi community,
when you test your flows in OO Studio, you have to put-in all necessesary parameters via the GUI.

This is really annoying when you have to put in a lot of parameters. And even more annoying if you have to repeat the tests again and again.

I am looking for a way to make this testing more easy with less faulty inputs and much quicker.
Is there a way to give the flow an answer file, where you put in each needed parameter line by line?
Like a silent installation, with a given answer file.
This would be a great easement in developing.

Thank you.

  •  , thank you for posting this idea.

    As already explained by  , you already have the ability to use the system properties to partially address the needs for your use case. I agree further enhancements can be pursued in this direction and the idea Lucian created makes sense. 

    Future enhancements and features will be added to the Workflow Designer and based on the community support, a similar feature with what you requested will be available in a future release. For now we need to decline this idea.

  • Hi Semih,

    thank you for your suggestion. And your conclusion is right: this is annoying, too.

  • I using that method.

    I create a new flow and adding my flow to new flow. After, I type all parameters in new flow and i run new flow.

    But, this is annoying too.

  • Hi,

    There is an option to reference system properties instead of entering the values when you want to test/debug flows.

    Still, I also think it can be further improved and that's why I've submitted an idea here


    If it is similar with your needs please vote it as it will help in prioritization.

    Thank you,