Idea ID: 2826330

More targeted audit logging for System Account and System Property modifications in Central

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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9 months ago


Brief Description: This will enable users to only save what's been modified when updating a system account or system properties under Configuration Items in Central. As of now, when a user updates the value of a configuration item and saves it, the system saves all other properties as new entries in the logs even if there's no change on those properties such as permissions. Like so when just updating a system account password, the logs will save the modification together with the permissions that had no changes. This breaks the audit trail as no modifications done in the permissions, but the audit still logs it like there has been a change in the permissions.


  • Clean audit trail.
  • Easy monitoring of audit trail and prevents false positive.

Design Details:

  • Add option to save only all modified like in updating the permission of folder in Configuration Items.
  • Have the capability to only save in the logs what have been changed