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Multi-Tenant Support

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over 1 year ago


Brief Description: Enable Micro Focus Operations Orchestration to be able to handle multi-tenancy. This will allow teams to provide Micro Focus OO as Orchestration-As-A-Service.



  • Each team doesn't need to deploy their own instance of Micro Focus OO
  • Single environment can provide reduced infrastructure cost
  • Isolation provides protection for sensitive information
    • e.g System Accounts, Workflows, System Properties, etc..

Design details:

  • Single Central environment that allows operators to manage RBAC
  • Single database for easy of management
  • Fine control of RBAC
  • With increasing interest for SaaS as a delivery method for software, this becomes ever more important. Especially for customers who are already using SMAX as a SaaS application, and require automation related to - and driven by - their SMAX processes. Perhaps a two-step approach would make sense:

    In step 1 SSX is integrated into SMAX service catalog & portal, and all other functions are in one dedicated VM per tenant. One instance of this VM would then need to be created for each SMAX tenant who buys the "OO as a Service" product. This could also be used to create "RPA as a Service", where one or more robot-VMs would also need to be created. 

    In step 2 the product would become fully multi-tenant.