Idea ID: 1634163

New Global Variable -- "RS_Previous_Step"

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago

OO has the ability to use some standard (global) variables, like RS_Previous_Transition_Annotation and execution_userid. We would like a new standard variable called something like "RS_Previous_Step_Name". This variable should contain the name of the previous step that was executed. This will help in standardizing exception handling in OO workflows.

  • This idea is accepted to be implemented as part of additional global variables support for CloudSlang based flows.

  • The idea received enough support from the community to be considered for prioritization in our future development planing.

    We will continue to monitor the idea so please expect further updates.

  •  - I think that this is an excellent idea.  We log currently log messages to GrayLog and being able to get this information without having to set it on every flow would be really useful.




    yes sort of, we want to use the variable in combination with a variable like "RS_Current_Flow" (another ER is made for this feature) variable. This way we can standardise our exception handling. With the following format of exception messages we always know where to look if an error occured during execution. 

    Flow: ${Flow name}
    Step: ${Step name}
    Error: ${Error message}

    The mentioned issue about broken transitions is fixed in our current OO version (10.70)

  • Fully aligned with  on this.  When developing workflows today it's very hard to report pack the step that failed. 

    What some authors are doing when the flow fails we take the run id and try to query for details via REST API.  Still, this is error prone and creates authoring issues that a MAGIC variable like step_name will solve.