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Object support in OO Designer / CloudSlang

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over 1 year ago

When working on RPA/HCM bootcamp content, I got an idea.

As I was adding so many inputs in so many flows, I was thinking if any support on objects is possible (I wouldn’t call it objective programing yet; rather plain POJO).

Imagine this use-case:

  • One needs to hand over parameters of a VM access (hostname, username, password, proxies, certificates, etc.)
  • As this needs to be handed over to various sub-flows, there is lots of code duplicate – on each such subflow you need to pass all those parameters.

I was thinking, can’t CS have a notion of an object and fill-in the object properties once and hand over only the object? Regarding the implementation, I was thinking of a json object with properties. I understand I can do it on my own even now – just a wrapper around existing CS flows which accept a json object instead of the parameter. But this wouldn’t really ease my job. I was more thinking, can’t we add such a support to OO Designer? Developer would be filling a form with object properties, a json object would be filled-in in background. Developer would be referring to the object properties, those properties would be taken out of the underlying json object….

That would also solve the necessesity of defining all the inputs/outputs of an RPA activity also on the wrapping flow. If RPA activity happens to work with an "object" with all inputs defined, this object can be handed over to the wrapping flow - a single copy/paste is neccessary.

Another step would be to allow to define methods on such objects and the boxes in the designer would happen to be those methods. If implementing the method overriding, we can then name it as true OOP in CS.

RPA Activity would be "an object" with a method "replay" and we would be able to declare new objects inheriting out of it and add additional methods (eventual boxes in the final flow).