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OO - Filters on Inputs

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Already Offered
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over 3 years ago


Much like filters on step outputs, I would like to be able to set filters on inputs 


Because OO is primarily an integration system, I find myself using it to pass data back-and-forth between various service providers to make decisions, etc. Sometimes, different providers want the data in slightly different formats which means I do a fair amount of data transformation in Do Nothing steps before passing the data to teh service providers.

This equates to:  "Do Nothing" step, create the corresponding outputs, apply the relevant filters, and then those modified outputs are used by that one provider (but nothing else).  

Having filters on inputs would reduce flow complexity and improve efficiency (because you are cutting steps out of flows, which is always a good thing).


  • Filters are executed before the "Assign to Variable" phase of the operation (so that the new assignment variable picks up the filtered value
  • Are executed before the scrtpts are run (so in Nashorn, the input variables are created with the filtered value)

Aside: I'm not sure about the value of having the "Assign to Variable" section on inputs.  IMHO, you have the ability to create context variables by creating an output (based on the value of an input).  Creating them directly from inputs actually makes flows more difficult to debug/learn because it means you have to look in two places to find out where a particular context variable has been set.  It makes flow development more confusing (IMHO).

  • Moving this to already offered as it matches better the current situation which is: you are able to filter inputs when working with the OO Designer.

    for a list of status details go here: 

  • Hi again,

    We have reviewed the idea and we consider it a good enhancement to the product in general.

    However considering that we are going forward with the web based implementation of the authoring tool - OO Designer - where you already have the ability to filter the inputs through python based expressions we decided to decline it at the moment.

    Best regards,

    Andrei Vasile Truta

  • Hi David,

    My short answer to this request is: OO Workflow Designer and CloudSlang.

    You have both the ability to "filter" the inputs through simple/complex python expressions and also the language simplification with no Assign to Variable.

    You also gain the textual and human readable representation.

    If needed we can meet offline and discuss more as I would be very curious to understand based on a proper demo that I could deliver if the web based studio (OO Workflow Designer) and CloudSlang (with its simplified authoring approach) answer your need.


    Best regards,