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【OO】about the sessiontimeout of Central or RAS

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

My customer is running flow to failed because the short time set by sessiontimeout (default 30 minutes). Although the value of sessiontimeout can be changed by changing the jar package (change to 29 hours), the change method is as follows:
  \META-INF\spring\engineQuartzContext.xml (nothing to edit)
\META-INF\spring\newAgentContext.xml - change highlighted value to 104400000 (29h)
                 <bean id="sessionTimeout" class="java.lang.Long">
                                 <constructor-arg type="long" value="1800000"/>
Score-worker-0..x.x.x.jar \META-INF\spring\score\context\scoreWorkerSchedulerContext.xml
                 <bean id="scoreSessionTimeout" class="java.lang.Long">
                 <constructor-arg value="1800000" type="long"/>

However, my customer thinks that the default 30 minutes is too short, my customer hope to set the default value of sessiontimeout to a longer time, Or provide another simpler method of setting sessiontimeout and add some detail of sessiontimeout to the guide.

  • Given the low support from the community we are declining this idea for now.

  •  , can you please provide a clear description of the use case that should support such a configuration?

    Have you considered to check how the flows that require such a high timeout are constructed? Do the flows respect the authoring best practices?

    In normal flows and operations there is no need for timeout that exceeds 30 minutes.