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[OO]add a flow that updates the value of the Excel formula cell

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over 2 years ago

Hi Team

My client is using add excel data flow to insert data into Excel, but the cell containing the formula can't be updated automatically. I asked the development department, the answer is that this is as designed and can't be fixed, so my client is very Inconvenient at using it. can you add an additional flow to automatically update the formula value in the cell? The specific description of the problem is as follows

Create an excel Write a formula in the B1 cell to determine whether there is a value in the A1 cell. If there is a value in the A1cell, the value of the B1cell is "YES". If the value of the A1cell is null, the value of the B1cell is "No". Excel Data flow inserts a value in A1cell by OO but the value of B1cell does not change to "YES".