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OO central interactive prompt box size cannot be adjusted.

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over 1 year ago

As shown in the red box below, the size of the interactive prompt for displaying results cannot be adjusted.

issue screenshot.png


The impact of the customer's feedback on the build environment:

The customer is from the bank, OO is used in the production environment of the bank.

Because of the security setting, customer has developed a lot of information display steps in the OO flow, that is, the output result will have an interactive prompt box display, the purpose is to confirm the interactive information during the production environment change operation and prevent security problems.

The OO9.X version has no problem on adjusting the interactive prompt box , but after upgrading to 10.70, the interactive prompt box cannot be adjusted as shown in the figure above. The content that should have been displayed in one line is divided into two lines as shown in the blue box above, which is not friendly for the customer. Customer can't clearly see the displayed information, and it is easy to cause production accidents, resulting in even worse impact on their bank's security system.

Customer want to adjust the interactive prompt box  after OO 10.x version.





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