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OO ChatBot integration with MS Teams

Status : Archived
over 2 years ago

Hello - We are integrating OO ChatBot with MS Teams and observed that few functionalitie are missing to make use of the ChatBot.

1. OO ChatBot shoul have a simple way to access the teams and channel information.

OO ChatBot when integrated with MS Teams should have the capability to access this information on the fly.

2. OO ChatBot prompts for each mandatory input in the OO flow.

Right now the OO ChatBot prompts for each mandatory user input.This is fine if there are many inputs, but if there is just one input, we should seamlessly pass the input to the flow using OO Bot. I know that there is a way to pass inputs as JSON, we should customize this to pass inputs using a delimiter.

Thanks, Madhav

  • This idea is actually submitted for two separate ideas, thus making it hard to manage.

    On the first item, integrating with MS Teams enhancement is not in our plans for the foreseeable future.

    On the second item, the usage of the ChatBot integration implies reducing the number of inputs exposed to the end user and a normal conversation should not imply passing any JSON data. This doesn't seem like a valid ChatBot use case.

    We are declining this idea and there are no plans to implement such a functionality.

  • This is a good idea and we definitely need to update the ChatOps integration with MS Teams.

    Moving to Waiting for Votes to get community support.