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OO Content Pack for VMWare NSX Integration

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over 2 years ago

Regarding NSX, I have some UC in mind. First, what needs to be understood is that the way we used to map network with provisioned VM with vlan static provisioning no longer exists. With SDN and micro segmentation, what is requested is :


  • Either provision Dynamic vlans
  • Chose at software level what ports needs to be opened on what infra


Example of an  NSX scenario: Creating on the fly  bubble (vlans technically) to place either Databases or web frontal (weblogic based). With micro segmentation, one could decide what front tier could communicate with what DB and what DB could communicate with each other in what vlan. That is actually microsegmenting inside a vlan provisioned by NSX.


The basis one would expect for NSX:


  • Security Group management (Create / Modify / remove)
  • Security Policy Management ( Create / Modify / Remove)
  • Tag Management
  • Asset Management (Adding VM in security group)
  • Network management (routings etc…)
  • There is a “testing network” feature in NSX by showing how a packet flows between to endpoints. Could be nice to have a “Test connection between two machines” flow as well.

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